OpenJS Grid

OpenJS Grid is a super simple way to show data grids on your php-mysql site. Really it only takes like 5-10 lines of code to show/edit simple and complex database data.


RealTime is HTML5 Push Notifications. A simple Javascript API is provided to connect users together to turn any application into a live collaborative enviroment.

Corner Stone

CornerStone is an ultra light weight PHP framework that is more of a PHP MVC Framework for creating frameworks out of. Not yet released, it's used for all of my professional projects.

Connect Ai

ConnectAi is my company and team of awesome web developers that love to make cool shit. We focus on html5, css3 and JS and hate IE. Our goal is custom web applications.


About Me

I am Sean Clark. I'm a web application developer that specializes in new web technologies and building custom applications from scratch. I code in Javascript, PHP, mySQL, CSS and HTML. I dabble with NodeJS, MongoDB, Retis, ZMQ, Python, C++ and GO.

I love to hike, mountain climb, Ski, play tennis & raquetball and travel. Photography is a big hobby of mine as well.


"Do what you gotta do To keep doing what you been doing"

- Me


I've been coding for the web since I was 15. So it's been about 9 years now. I started out with HTML, CSS then moved to flash and Actionscript 2. I finally started to dabble with PHP and of course mySQL. I dropped that for a while and discovered javascript, which was always too scared to learn. My first company 4 Ten Technologies built this javascript application which was pure raw javascript. I later found jQuery, but I know my work with raw javascript was really important.

I finally got back in PHP and mySQL and tied that together with my javascript and jQuery knowledge to create my training youtube channel. Through training I got a lot better, and some people started contacting me for work through youtube. I got a bunch of clients that way, and started Square-Bracket because of that. I later formed Connect Ai with Stephen, and we kept working on building custom web applications, where Square-Bracket is for training advanced web developers.


Square Bracket LLC is an advanced web training company. I say advanced because the market for web training for beginners is flooded. You can find 50,000 intro's to jQuery. As an experienced developer, the resources for us to learn start to dwindle signficantly. Once you know a certain amount, people assume you know it all. That is not true, even experts need help. That is the purpose of Square Bracket.

Connect Ai LLC was formed to do actual work for clients. We build custom web applications for clients that need advanced work. Mostly we've been doing admin backends, data analysis sites, complex javascript interfaces, realtime collaboration, and many types of online eCommerce

I was one of those lesser known

Guys who made their way because of youtube. I started out making training videos and that kind of spiraled to what it is today. Almost 4000 subscribers, over 1.3M video views and over 200+ videos online. I never plan my videos, I always just make a video when I learn something. I feel that if I just learned how to do something, others might want to learn to.

I was one of those lesser known

I've been shooting photography for about 2 years now. It's only a hobby of course. But I like to take my camera when I travel. I have a Canon 7D, 60mm Macro, 17-55 IS, 30mm 1.4 and 50 1.8. My favorite is the 85mm 1.2


People ask me all the time who I do all my web application hosting through. The answer is rackspace. I host everything myself through rackspace cloud hosting. Dev servers cost about $15 a month, production servers increase in cost after that.

I think rackspace is way easier to use than amazon, it's an essential part of my web app work flow. Rackspace's support has always been top notch, and their interface to work with servers is great. I've copied it for several web back ends actually. They even offer a file CDN if clients need to have files access all over the world quickly.

Software Tools

Another question I get all the time, is what software do I use daily.

  • Coda 2 - application programming
  • Text Wrangler - 1 off coding
  • Chrome - Browser
  • Sequel Pro - Database
  • MAMP - Local web server
  • GIT Tower - Git gui
  • 1Password - Password management
  • Skype - Communication
  • Path Finder - Files
  • CodeKit - Compiling Stylus
  • Transmit - FTP and SFTP
  • Terminal - Everything